Editing Services


I work electronically using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. I always recommend we do a test-run first to see if we mesh. I will edit/proofread/copy edit your first three chapters for $20.

Here’s a rundown of the services I provide and their prices.


Proofreading: $75 for first 50,000 words, additional $10 per 10,000 words

  • I will be looking at grammar, punctuation, formatting and typographical errors.

Copyediting: $100 for first 50,000 words, additional $15 per 10,000 words

  • I look for punctuation, grammar, formatting, typographical errors, redundancies, sentence clarity, and word choice. I also look for inconsistencies in point of view, tense, and world-building details.


Substantive/Developmental Editing: $1,500 for up to 100,000 word novel

  • This is your first edit and the most important one. I look at dialogue, character and plot development, setting, pacing, conflict, and world-building. I read primarily fantasy-anything from science fiction to urban fantasy, so that’s where my industry knowledge lies. If you have a ms outside of that and want a content edit, let’s take a look at your ms together to see if I’m a good fit.


Commissioned Artwork

Fill out the form below and be sure to give me as much information as you can if you’re interested in commissioning artwork.


I will need a down payment of 1/2 the below price to begin a project made payable through Pay Pal to smblooding at hotmail dot com.


Commissioned covers are $180


Minor character sketches are $100


Major character sketches are $300


Promotional packages are $50/frame (Unlimited text changes for one year)


Banners for Facebook, website or Adspace are $25